VeChain Issues Whitepaper for VET 3.0, Focuses on Sustainability

•VeChain and BCG have released a 72-page whitepaper for VET 3.0, which includes a detailed roadmap of the VeChain protocol’s focus for the next few years.

•VeChain wants to create initiatives to provide individuals with information needed to participate in the sustainability agenda.

•The whitepaper also said that VeChain intends to form strategic alliances over the next several years and secure lighthouse enterprise partnerships in order to quickly generate awareness and recognition.

VeChain & BCG: Whitepaper For VET 3.0

Detailed Roadmap

Blockchain protocol VeChain, in collaboration with the global management firm Boston Consulting Group (BCG), has issued a whitepaper for VET 3.0. The 72-page whitepaper contains a detailed roadmap of the VeChain protocol’s focus for the next few years, with the main message centred on sustainability. According to the whitepaper, VeChain will create initiatives to provide individuals with the necessary information to participate in the sustainability agenda.

Sustainability Initiatives

The VeChain protocol, which began in 2015, identifies the environment, social conditions, labour conditions, governance, and business model as primary identifiers of its sustainability needs. Small individual efforts such as reducing personal food waste are expected to multiply throughout the community. Blockchain solutions will be integrated with municipal initiatives to assist people in donating perishable food materials like fruits and vegetables that would otherwise go wasted due to time constraints or other factors that make it difficult for these items to reach their destination before they expire or become unusable.

Strategic Partnerships & Governance Expansion

According to the whitepaper, VeChain is looking for strategic partnerships in the next few years. In terms of governance, The team plans to expand its tech development and business development units while increasing its engagement team’s focus on creating new sustainable communities.

Efforts Towards Sustainability In Crypto Space

In an industry criticised for its energy-intensive operations; VeChain claims it is making conscious efforts towards driving a sustainability-driven agenda due promises made by VET 3.0 and established alliances which should give it plenty of opportunities over time fulfil this purpose over time.. Other protocols are also continuing their focus on initiatives aiding them manage carbon emissions better; Ethereum being one example where deliberate effort has been made transition from proof-of-work system proof-of stake (PoS) system making it 99% more energy efficient than Bitcoin