Eliminate Misinformation with Exorde’s Revolutionary Blockchain Platform

• Exorde Labs is an innovative project that uses blockchain, artificial intelligence, and decentralized data management to combat online misinformation.
• The platform leverages a global community of contributors and utilizes the Ethereum Layer 2 SKALE network, IPFS, and Filecoin for storage capabilities.
• The EXD token public sale is live with tiered pricing and offers rewards for users who participate in network activities such as staking and governance.

Exorde Labs: Combating Online Misinformation

Exorde Labs is a revolutionary project that’s counteracting the growing concern of online misinformation by harnessing the power of blockchain. This long-overdue solution is built on a blockchain network and uses artificial intelligence, enabling decentralized information management that collects and analyzes publicly available data from social networks and news websites. With its transparent global data service, Exorde provides a trustful, relevant, and unbiased platform for combating misinformation.

Technology & Infrastructure

The platform leverages a global community of over 70,000 contributors to gather information in any language and process it with Natural Language Processing AI. This enables people’s reactions to be determined through sentiment analysis without bias across all topics. Additionally, Exorde utilizes the Ethereum Layer 2 SKALE network along with IPFS and Filecoin for storage capabilities which makes this innovative approach possible.

EXD Token Economy

Exorde’s token economy incentivizes users to participate in governance tasks, staking activities, search trend analytics or e-reputation management by providing them with EXD tokens as rewards plus reputation points. With total maximum supply at 200 million tokens allocated 34% towards protocol rewards – users can now purchase EXD tokens at $0.33/EXD (first 500k), $0.34/EXD (next 1.5m) or $0.35/EXD (last 10m).

Public Sale & Mainnet Launch

The public sale for the EXD token has already started on March 10th 2021 with tiered pricing rewarding early adopters – so don’t miss out! Following this event – Exorde’s main net is scheduled to launch in Q1 2023 on both decentralized and centralized exchanges where users will be able to trade their tokens freely while benefiting from the platform features mentioned above even moreso than before!


Overall, Exorde Labs is an innovative solution that’s tackling one of the biggest challenges of our time: misinformation – providing a trustful & unbiased platform free of bias across all topics along with incentivized token economy designed to reward its community members making it a game-changing revolution worth getting involved in ASAP!